Upcoming Events

UNITED STATES | Short Program

Zion National Park: POSTPONED April 2021

It's a rare treat to stay inside the Park surrounding by incredible Red Rock

SWITZERLAND | Paragliding Program

Swiss Alps: POSTPONED August 2021

Check in with yourself from the air and explore the breathtaking beauty of the Alps.

SLOVENIA | Long Program

Soca Valley: POSTPONED June 2021

Gift yourself special moments basking in emerald waters and floating between a lake island

UNITED STATES | Short Program

Oahu, Hawaii: POSTPONED October 2021

Warm up your senses and your toes with a taste of Hawaii island life



We are a collaborative effort of people who are interested in improving ourselves and gaining new perspectives internally through multi-faceted exposures.

We facilitate workshops and retreats where FLYT participants have the possibility to explore a multitude of activities and measure their neuronal response through a neurofeedback system that collects real-time information from their own brain.

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Wave States


The human brain is an intricate neurochemical network that produces a variety of electromagnetic brain waves. These waves are identifiable by their frequencies as well as their amplitude.  The frequencies have been named by Neuroscience: Delta, Theta, Alpha, SMR, Beta and Gamma. Each frequency is related to different behavioural or mental patterns. These brain waves can be read and recorded in real time with the use of a technological tool called FocusBand.


FocusBand is a technological tool that allows us to read and record in real-time those brain frequencies while in motion. Unlike an EEG, with FocusBand we can be in the present moment performing or experiencing an ample range of activities while obtaining NeuroFeedback and record the data of the session to explore, understand and vary our own mental process, and improve performance.

FocusBand Neurofeedback is a technological tool that gives us the possibility to hack our own brain to understand why we think and perform the way we do.

Explore your brain, body, and inner self...

Step into natural environments, creativity, adventure and self-care activities among communities in a variety of beautiful and exhilarating places around the globe

2019 FlytWellness

CREATIVITY | More Than Art

Playing Instruments, Creative Writing, Sketching, and Weaving are all ways to improve mental clarity, mood, prevent disease, and recover from stress, illness, or injury.

2018 Richard Hallman

EXPLORATION | More Than Sport

Enjoy adventure in a new setting, in a new way while participating in outdoor activities such as Caving, Rappelling, Hiking, Paragliding, Kiteboarding, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, SUP, Sailing, & more

2019 flytWellness

SELF-CARE | More Than Rest

Have fun tasting and learning the different flavors of a Fresh-Balanced Diet, participating in daily Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing Techniques, enjoying and making your very own Handmade Body Care Products, experiencing the full body benefits of Essential Oils and Remedial Massage; creating space for a 'deeper' kind of Rest & Relaxation

slovenia.info, Joza Mihelic

COMMUNITY | More Than Travel

Feel the rhythms, experience the flavors, speak the words, lend a helping hand to the local community, and be exposed to authentic culture through Local Markets, Foods, Music, Dance, Language, and Service Project while connecting with your flyt clan.


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